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Alexie WrayAlexi's Journey

"Hello I'm Alexi. I am a fully qualified hairdresser, hair extension technician hair loss specialist, and fully qualified city and Guilds teacher. I am the owner of Elite Nine Hair Clinic. Elite Nine Hair Extensions was founded in 2000 and is extremely successful. We launched the Non-surgical lace units in 2008. We have gained many clients with severe hair loss Trichotillosis, Traction alopecia, alopecia areata, many can be treated many cannot not. Our aim is to offer the best quality service, the best quality lace units. Hair loss can be deeply upsetting it can have overwhelming effects on women and their confidence. Within the last 10 years I've personally suffered from hair loss. I lost the crown of my hair I was distraught, as the area was so significant it could not be hidden.  I had no choice but to wear non surgical hair units. This instantly restored my confidence immensely I was so appreciative of my non-surgical lace units. I was amazed that it looked so natural. Over the years I've also helped many Transvestites and Transsexual clientele with their selection of lace units. We are a small and friendly hair clinic that caters for a diverse community.

I now have many clients with medical conditions that order lace units from me and have them repeatedly fitted. I offer a wig cutting service and fitting service and also treatments; customise lace wigs, and custom/synthetic lace wigs ready to go. I also specialise in nine different forms of hair extensions. I am currently studying to become a Tricholoigist."


Coming soon 2014/2015

What is a Tricholoigist?

Trichology is the scientific study of hair and scalp issues. A tricholoigist who practices in this area understands about the various types of hair loss and scalp issues.   It involves diagnosis and non-medical treatments. Hair loss treatments, laser treatments clinical scalp treatments, consultation treatments

Hair loss affects over 35 million women and over 50 million men. These demographic figures demonstrate the significance of Trichology.

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