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Non Surgical Hair Replacement

Hair Bolding Problems? We Can Help

Non-Surgical FAQ

Are you suffering from hair loss due to any of the following?

Are you looking for a Non- Surgical hair loss treatment, which has a Non-detectable hair line? An external hair device, which is added to existing hair or scalp, this can be glued or weaved on. Once fitted hair appears to be growing naturally from the scalp!

This can cover Baldness, hair thinning and can create natural, thick and healthy hair!

How Are They Kept On?

Client image before application:

Non Surgical Hair Replacement 1

Non Surgical Hair Replacement 2

Lace frontal finished application:

Non Surgical Hair Replacement 3

Lace frontal finished application:

Non Surgical Hair Replacement 4

Lace Attachment hair additions are attached using a variety of techniques. Either through existing hair or attaching to the skin, can be used for fitting.

Sew-on Weaving is a Natural method for fitting as there is no glue or resin used. These methods can last for up to 6 weeks.

Attaching to skin:

We can use your natural skin just below the hair line. Your Lace Attachment is attached with adhesives or doubled sided tape just below the hair line. This method can last up to 4 weeks. It is advised to have a strand test done 24 hours prior to application.

Existing Hair:

Weaving, Fusion Bonding and Micro Ring are all general terms for the techniques used to attach to the clients existing hair.

All are used to provide more security for your Lace attachment.

They are all dependent on your natural hair growth and therefore must be re-attached or tightened as your natural hair grows.

With non- medical techniques we suggest the following:

Although most adhesives are safe, it is advised to have a patch test done by a Dermatologist if you have a history of allergies.

Each Lace Attachment can be worn for up to 6 months, two Lace attachments will last a whole year!

We offer a free confidential consultation, where you can create your very own, texture, colour, style or length. We have a full colour catalogue and a colour chart to find the perfect match for your hair. We also have a private room where your consultation will take place and be done on a one to one basis.

How much do they cost?

Depending on the materials and design the prices range from £300-£700 for a high quality customised hair addition.

What is the best texture?

We suggest 100% Human hair or 100% Remy hair for high quality. This choice will be decided in your consultation and be dependent on the techniques to be used and your individual life style.

Why us?

We are competent specialists with over 17 year’s experience! We offer a free consultation, during your consultation we will listen to you and your personal requirements and answer any questions or concerns. Our objective is to offer you, first class quality and service! We have a warm and friendly Salon situated within the City of Nottingham. We have a private area to conduct your consultation.

Please take a look at our client images.

Client image before application:

Non Surgical Hair Replacement 5

Non Surgical Hair Replacement 6

Client image during application:

Non Surgical Hair Replacement 7

Lace frontal finished application:

Non Surgical Hair Replacement 8


Non Surgical Hair Replacement

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