What is this?

Dreadlocks we commonly associated with Bob Marley.
Dreadlocks, also known as Locks or Dreads, are interlocked coils of hair formed by themselves, in all hair types, if the hair is allowed to grow naturally without grooming for a long period of time.

The Process

You natural hair should be at list 8 inches long before the dreading process. Natural hair should be washed the night before. No blow-drying just towel dry, the next day before arriving in salon. Brush the hair out well.

The dreading process will take some time, 3-4 hours depending on length of hair, the longer the hair the longer the job.

I generally start the application from the back nape area, your natural hair is placed in section in brick- lay pattern, so sections are staggered making each dread slightly off-Centre from above and below.
The first section at the back with a small tail comb is backcombed evenly all the hair strands, until all the hair is matted. I use a small woven technique at the roots; ensuring dreads do not become loose quickly. Your hair is backcombed until completely knotted and tangled. We use a wax especially for dreading, with out the wax dreading would be a complete nightmare. All European hair will not dread without special formulated wax. Believe me over the years we have tried.

The Method
We use a twist and roll, and parm roll method using wax to create natural looking Dreadlocks.
We take a small amount of wax and work the wax into the backcomb section, from the scalp and working down, waxing and twisting as we go down the locks.

Once we have your new locks backcombed, waxed and twisted, we flat palm roll.

The technique known as palm rolling is done by taking the new dreadlock, and rolling it quickly between your palms, we can then form your locks making tighter and shaping into very nice well groomed dreadlocks.

Please note:
Before Dreading ask yourself some questions:

Are Dreadlocks really for me?
Do I want permanent Dreadlock?
Do I have the patients for the Dreading process?
Once you have chosen Dreadlocks there really is no going back.
If you decide, to change your style or remove your Dreadlocks your hair would have to be cut until locks have been removed, general leaving around 4inch of hair.

Finally, I do hope you have patient with your Dreadlocks as to complete Dreadlocks the process can take up to 2-6 months.

Dreadlock After care


After the first shot at getting them all locked up it is advised you return to the salon every 4 weeks for a complete rewaxing. Your time in the salon will be much shorter as the foundation have already been done. You can also help the dreading process at least twice a week to begin with by rolling and twisting Dread wax in each dreadlocks, your stylist will take you through the process.

Sleeping with Dreads

We advice you to where a Doo Rag, this is like a scarf, or nylon stocking or a hold towel pin around the head. Doing this will help to keep dreads from your face when you sleep, also keeping your dreads from getting really fuzzy.

Pease note:
You should never apply wax to wet or damp hair, by doing this it can seal the moisture, which in turn begins to start a rot or mold, growing within the dreads. Your Dreadlocks should be rewaxed when dry.


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