Micro Ring / Micro Shrink Hair Extensions: Micro Ring

The Micro ring/ Micro shrink are glue and resin free hair extension techniques, great for clients who want a extension solution that is natural. The micro ring, micro shrinks are extremely popular, they have a similar look and finish achieved by fusion or micro strand techniques, but without the resin, no glue, no bonding or weaving. Many clients are choosing this technique a green option.


Remy hair Extension strands are held in place using a heat connector with special micro- rings or shrink tubes forming a secure hold on extensions. This technique is great for clients who are not comfortable with Fusion bonded extensions. The shrink tube is heated to size and extension hair is sealed to the natural hair using the heat connector and the shrink tubes. This technique can create length volume or highlight. No Glue, no bond, no weaving. Green Method. This hair extension method will last approximately 3-4 months, as long as correct after care is followed.

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