ProStyles is leading suppliers of quality hair extensions.
ProStyles offer you beautiful hair.

TV actresses frequently choose ProStyles extensions and celebrities seeking a creative change are applied by ProStyles- recommended hairdressers trained and HABIA approved training courses.

ProStyles invented the single operator method of applying prohair fiber extensions which enables one stylist to create natural hair styles which are comfortable to wear and undetectable.

The Process

Applying ProHair Fiber Extensions

ProHair Fiber extensions need to be applied by a hair technician using the ProStyles Heat Clamp.  That creates a small heat-seal around the base of the extension, locking it into place. No Glue is need and there is no tension on the root, this means that ProHair Extensions are comfortable to wear, undetectable and produce natural-looking hairstyles.

Application of ProHair

A small subsection is dived into two at nape; ProHair is secured directly above the work area with a clip. The ProHair and natural hair are braided and the top section of ProHair is released and wrapped round the braid. The ProStyle heat clamp is used to create a heat seal; more Extensions are applied in row throughout the head. Your ProHair extensions are cut and styled.

Removal of ProHair

It is simple to remove the extensions too. You don’t need potentially harmful chemicals. Simply twist and crack the heat seal and extensions will slide out leaving no residue and no damage to your natural hair.

With ProStyles you can create any look you desire.
Add colour.
Add length.
Add volume.
Add texture.
Add colour.
No chemical colouring.
Get the look of natural highlights.
Choose a funky creative look.
Use natural hair extensions to thicken up your own hair.
Choose the straight or natural wavy.
No more frustrations waiting for hair to grow.
An instant transformation.
Secure and comfortable.

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