Seamless WeavingHair Extensions: Seamless Weaving

What is Seamless Weaving?

This unique Green Hair Extension is unique and has no glue, no clip, no chemicals, no bums, no lumps and no mess or damaging removals. The track is transparent and made of skin, which is a handmade skin weft where each individual strand has been injected into a polyurethane base. It is ideal for woman who have hair which is thinning or balding. You could also use it for length and volume or highlights.

The Process

The hair is attached using reattachment tape, adhesive and liquid release as parting hair and starting from the bottom of the head, leave enough hair down at the nape and around the perimeter to cover the hair extension. We apply seamless hair sticky side down at the part line leaving about 1/8 away from the top of the hairline. This process is really that simple!

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We use a liquid release. Spray lightly onto the top and bottom of the seamless hair extension tape area and they begin to loosen.

This extension can be worn up 2 months. It is recommended returning to the salon for removal.

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