Fusion Bonding / Micro Bonding


The fusion bonding method is the most common method of attaching hair extensions, it is also the quickest and easiest way to fit hair extensions. Small sections of Remy human hair is cut from the weft and a small amount of warm keratian bond is applied around the strand with keratin gun. This is then placed on small sections of your own hair and rolled using a silicon pad.

The Fusion method is great for any hair type, the bond size can be altered depending on how thick or thin your natural hair is. This is one of the oldest methods of attaching extensions. This hair extension can last up to 3 months with the correct after care.



Pre-bonding hair extension is applied in strands. The Remy human hair has a bond already attached to the end of the hair. This bond is then fused to a small section of your own hair.

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