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Welcome to the Elite 9 Training courses

Our objective is a commitment to quality and excellence to bring you the best teaching experience, from across the globe. We aspire to deliver our proven business concept through our first class training modules.

All of Elite 9 tutors are in the uk and are highly certified to teach hair extension techniques. They are all city & Guilds qualified. They will guide you through the course on a one to one bases. There is no examination to take, we teach you on a demonstration and practical assessment basis.


Elite 9 hair extension salon

Elite 9 was created by 20 years experience in hair/ and the hair extension market. Alexie is the owner of Elite 9 which has been established since 1998. Elite 9 specialises in 9 different hair extension techniques. We continue to offer the Elite 9 hair extension services to our increasing clientele.


Why us?

We have a proven track record on teaching, we have a proven track record in sales locally and internationally. We deliver the Elite 9 hair extension training internally, within our Nottingham city centre salon. We known many salons offering a rage of hair extension services can double their profit over night. Elite 9 training courses are inspirational, motivational and educational.

    1. We have been operating a successful hair extension Bussiness since 1998 and have a proven track record to date
    2. We carry over 20 years experience and expertise in the world of hair and hair extensions
    3. We provide a full training package and training kit for you to take away once the course commences.
    4. You will receive a full colour training manual and training kit, which is unique to each course


What we offer

  1. In house training within our Nottingham city centre salon
  2. Training on a one to one level
  3. Private group training maximum 4
  4. We can deliver our training in your own environment, within your home or salon, or country.
  5. We offer discount on 2 or more training courses and group booking discount.
  6. You will receive Elite 9 hair extension certificate which is insurance approved
  7. All the Elite 9 famous 5 courses can be tailored, or modified to suit your individual needs. 


The Elite 9 famous 5

  1. Sew on weavers for beginners
  2. Full Lace wig system application for beginners
  3. Advanced lace wig / and toupee application
  4. Micro ring hair extension course
  5. Thermal bonding hair extension course


Sew on weaving : Beginners course
Course code E9: 02. Duration 2 Days
Cost £499

The sew on weaving hair extension methods is exceptionally popular with the A list celebrity's, this hair extension method provides a flawless Finnish and is quick to apply. This method as been mastered to such a degree, which gives you option to shorten as well as lengthen hair. Plus with clever tools such as partings it's a fantastic alternative to wigs for people suffering from hair loss through illness or medication


 Learners are taught how to cornrow hair to create a durable weave base on which strips of hair weft can be added.

  1. Successful completion means that Learners will be competent in the different cornrow styles.
  2. Once you complete the course you will be able create a weave base and understand when different methods are appropriate.
  3. You will be able to recognise different types of fibre hair and weaving needles and be able to safely apply hair wefts by sewing.
  4. Learners should demonstrate a clear understanding of different hair wefts, and be able to perform a consultation. The consultations cover colouring lengths and hair textures. The consultation also determines the optimum appropriate weave and maintenance for the client.


Full Lace wig system for beginners :
Course code E9:03. Duration 1 Day
Cost £499

Lace wig system are the latest development in wig technology, the lace wig system has become the most unique hair replacement to date. The lace unit creates a look that extraordinary flawless.

For clients who are suffering from hair loss, Alopecia, receiving chemotherapy,Lupus ,Baldness etc.


  1. Learners will be full confident in the application of the full lace wig. Using a rage of hair extension techniques and adhesive.
  2. On completion of the course learners will gain an in-depth understanding of the difference of lace frontals and full lace system. The difference in lace textures, styles and hair density.
  3. On completion of the course learns will be able to conduct a full analytical report of clients hair, pricing,chosen style, hair texture and colouring.


Advanced Lacy wig system/Toupee application:course
Course code E9: 03 Duration 2 Days
Cost £899.00

The lace wig system creates the illusion of the hair growing from the natural scalp. Once applied the lace system creates a flawless finish. The lace wig system can be worn in a ponytail, up or down.

The lace front can be placed in the crown or balding area, these unit are designed for clients to use with their natural hair, creating a flawless Finnish.

Men's and woman's toupees are measured then customised made to fit a specific bald  area of the head


  1. Learners will confident in conducting a full recorded analytical report of the Clients hair before application.
  2. Learners will learn the full application of full lace wig system and lace toupees, using adhesives, and hair extension methods.
  3. Learners will be competent in head measuring, and recording data correctly onto a templates.
  4. On completion of the course learners will be able to order lace wigs, and lace toupees, cutting colouring, pricing, head measurements.
  5. On completion of the course learners will be able to conduct a full consultation, recording all relevant data. Lace colour, hair density, lace style, hair length, Swiss or French lace, lace measurement, and pricing.




COST: £349.99

Glue and resin free methods of application are important to ecologically aware
Clients who want an extension solution that is essentially natural. As a result, bonding Micro ring and other green methods are increasingly popular. With a similar look and finish achieved by thermal bonding techniques but without the resin, the micro ring extension can be used to add overall length and volume or simply highlight natural hair. They can be worn for two to three months after which it is advised that clients return to their technician to have them removed professionally to ensure their natural hair is kept in best condition.


  1. By the end of this one-day course students should be competent in using Micro Ring to seal loose hair to natural hair using application tools.including a Latch Hook and Pliers.
  2. You should understand the difference between types of hair extensions and be able to conduct an in-depth consultation, correctly order hair and price services.
  3. Students should be able to advise clients on how to best care for and maintain their extensions over the duration of their wear.



Thermal Bonding


COST: £349.99

Thermal Bonding or Micro Bonding is the most traditional European application method. A special glue-gun or pot is used to melt down resin, the resin is ten used to apply hair extension strands or pre-bonded keratin extensions strands or pre-bonded keratin extensions to clients own hair. Thermal Bonding is great for overall length and volume or simply to give highlights to natural hair. This type of extension can be worn for up to three months and should be removed then replaced, to preserve the conditions of the natural hair.


  1. This is 1 day course is designed for professionals new to thermal bonding.
  2. By the end of the course you will be confident in your ability to apply and remove hair extensions. Learners will be able to conduct a full consultation with your client before application.
  3. On completion of the course you should be able to conduct a full client consultation; be able to price your services correctly; Order hair in correct amounts, style and colour; offer your client complete advice and guidance; and how to safely remove bonded extensions.


Note: With all the Elite 9 Training packages, we require a £200 deposit before course commences. Please call for more information on: Salon number, or contact us.


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In salon training: All in-salon training fees must be paid 14 days before the event goes ahead. Outside training, all trainers’ travel and accommodation charges are to be paid directly to the Trainer in the morning before the training event goes ahead.

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