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  • Celebrity Lace Wigs
  • Celebrity Lace Wigs
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  • Celebrity Lace Wigs
  • Celebrity Lace Wigs
  • Celebrity Lace Wigs
  • Celebrity Lace Wigs


Alexies lace wig collection:  was founded on an amazing amount of in-depth research study and investigation across the globe, Europe, Asia, Africa UK, and USA. This has resulted in the most exquisite wig and hair portfolio worldwide. A Collaboration of the finest quality lace and Hair across the globe. The Sheba lace wig is made of the finest quality lace, and 100% Remy hair guaranteed. The Lace wig unit is handcrafted using the highest quality Remy hair. The Lace unit is made from Swiss of French lace, which is transparent to the scale. This craftsmanship makes the hair appear to be growing directly from the scale, the lace create a transparent illusion. Your lace unit can be parted in any direction. The lace unit is made with individual Remy hair place in the lace. Remy Hair is truly superior human hair; Remy hair is individual place in the direction natural hair grows. The end result is astonishing, beautiful colored natural shading, just as natural as your own hair.



“Lace wigs are set to take over conventional wigs and hair extensions!”

Lace wig as worn by A-list celebrities such as Beyonce, Tara Banks, Britney spare Rquel Welch, the list is endless!

Lace wigs are the latest development in wig technology; they have become the most unique hair replacement unit.Lace wigs are invisible to the eye; the hair appears to be growing from the scalp. Lace wigs have a natural look which is extraordinary!

It is the most undectable hair replacement unit on the market today. Only a lace wig can create the natural effect of hair growing from the scalp.

The lace wigs is a fabulous choice for chemotherapy patients or clients with premature baldness or alopecia.

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Elite 9

At Elite 9 we have a professional hair replacement team. Your lace wig can be cut styled, wash and fitted, by our hair lace wig specialist; we offer a warm and friendly environment.

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We do advise before you have your lace wig professional is fitted, we do a 24 hour hair adhesive skin test, this is very important:


Lace wig application cost

The cost of your lace wig fitting is from £50.00


Ready To Buy Your Lace Wig?

We strongly advise that you read through our Lace Wigs section so you have a thorough understanding of the purchasing process.

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Once you have read through all of them, you should be ready to make your order. You will be charged £150, which acts as a deposit to secure the comission of your custom Lace Wig. We will contact you to discuss specific size requirements and measurements, and you will pay the remaining balance of the Lace Wig when we it gets professional fitted at our salon.




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