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Customised Full Lace Wig Specifications

Lace wig unit, you can create your own unique style by having it designed to suit you.

You may desire a celebrity look; all we need is a photo How does this work?

With a customized image of the style you wish to replicate, Select any style you can choose from our lace wig images. (Insert lace image page)

You can create your own unique style or take a look at celebrity images and e-mails your chosen style.

Before you start pin hair as flat and have tight as possible before taking the measurements.

For best fitting results you should wrap or cornrow braid your hair. This will eliminate bulges that distort you head.


Lace Wig Measuring Guide

Lace wig consultation

What your FREE consultation consists of:

You can look at our exclusive Lace wig catalogue; we have curly and straight styles to choose from.

Choose your own unique colour texture and style. A choice of curly wavy or straight.

We have made easier to pay. A 50% deposit will be taken on all cutomersied lace wig orders.

The price is determined on length and texture, your consultation is free

Please use the page on our consultation page to request a call back regarding this service.


Ready To Buy Your Lace Wig?

We strongly advise that you read through our Lace Wigs section so you have a thorough understanding of the purchasing process.

  1. Lace Wig Cap Construction
  2. How To Buy Lace Wig
  3. Lace Wig Colour Chart
  4. Choose a Texture for your Lace Wig
  5. Choose Your Lace Wig

Once you have read through all of them, you should be ready to make your order. You will be charged £150, which acts as a deposit to secure the comission of your custom Lace Wig. We will contact you to discuss specific size requirements and measurements, and you will pay the remaining balance of the Lace Wig when we it gets professional fitted at our salon.




Please complete this
form to pay your deposit

You will be charged
£150.00 now, and
the remaining balance
on fitting of your custom
lace wig.

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