What is Sew-on-Weaving?

Weaving is an ancient technique used to add volume and length without the use of any resin. This extension is unnoticeable as the hair weave are sewn onto the natural hair, which has been braided underneath first and cannot be seen. Weaving is one of the best natural techniques used for extensions that does not damage hair, instead it protects the natural hair and allows the hair to grow, giving the hair a complete break from chemicals.

This system is wonderfull for damaged hair. The weave can be worn for up two 3 months depending on hair texture.

During your consultation, your technician will assess your requirements, lifestyle and scalp condition to confirm that this technique is suitable for you.


The Process

The base of attaching weaves is formed by cornrows, which is a natural braiding system. This lies flat on the scalp. The extension hair is then sewn onto the cornrow using special weave cotton and the extension needles.


Caring for weaves

This extension can last up two to three months depending on hair texture.
As the natural hair underneath contiues to grow, the weaves will loosen over time. It is recommended that client returns to the salon every four weeks and that the extensions are removed around eight to twelve weeks after first application

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